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Work Experience

1/2014-Present GiraffeList Founder Founded a service for checklists combined with product recommendations with initial stream of revenue.
6/2013-11/2013 Samsung Software Engineer Android AOSP development.
3/2010 – 5/2013 Boxee.tv Lead Server Side Software Engineer
  • Planned and executed the implementation and launch of server side for new video sharing product (Cloudee)
  • Advanced Amazon AutoScaling of workers, application servers, ffmpeg transcoders
  • Developed framework for HTML5 10-foot TV applications (github.com/Boxee/cloudee-couch)
  • Developed resumable upload backend
  • Planned, lead and executed the implementation of Over-The-Air Broadcast EPG APIs.
  • Developed monitoring infrastructure for tracking server behavior which helped avoid server downtime and service degradation.
  • Performance optimizations. Increased cache-hit ratio after analysis of server behavior.
  • Implemented deployment infrastructure to allow one-click easy and safe deployment of code, helping the server team to be more agile.
  • End-to-end design, plan and development of payment platform and content-seller site.
  • Implemented base model classes and designed the framework – reduced redundant code and maintained standardization.
3/2007-3/2010 Metacafe.com Senior Software engineer
  • Product manager, design and implementation of recommendation system – helped grow traffic by 24%.
  • Design and implementation of Metacafe’s new architecture as part of a complete code rewrite.
  • Implementation of Base classes in the newly designed MVC architecture – helping reduce development time.
  • Clientside architecture design. Performance optimizations.
6/2006-3/2007 Invoke Solutions Student internship Developer and server monitoring position Scripting and automation of the application’s maintenance processes. HTML for the application’s panels. Daily server monitoring.
5/2005 Ehud Gazit Alzheimer and Nanotechnology Research Laboratory, Tel Aviv University Research of Alzheimer inducing di-peptides which form nanotubes and possible commercial applications thereof.
5/2002 – 11/2003 HurricaneDeveloper and tester Hurricane provides an integrative platform for bank management. Refactoring, performance testing and bug fixing. C++, Oracle & Centura.

Independent Projects

2011 boorgle.com Control your contact details A service which allows one to control his own identity in his friends’ phonebooks. Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Trigger.io for Mobile Android/iOS Hybrid app. (Under development)
2009 9folds.com Portfolio platform A platform for creating static portfolio sites while allowing max customization using collaborative templates (GitHub integration).
2007 strmr.com Music sharing Developed with an emphasis on ease of use and no registration, strmr allows people to open their publicly available music boxes and share them with their friends.
2005 mivhan.com Academic repository for exams and summaries The site provides a platform for students to share their knowledge base and ask questions.
2005 BabaJu.com Dating site BabaJu is a dating website which allows user ranking and dynamic member meta data fields which are updated by the users.


Programming – Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, AWS (EC2), Node.JS, Python, Django, AppEngine, PHP, Javascript (jQuery), HAML, SASS, MySQL, Flash, AWK, SED
Graphics – Photoshop
MiscLAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) management, AWS, EC2 autoscaling, NoSQL


2003-2006 Biotechnology, BSc, Tel-Aviv University.


English, Hebrew – Fluent
French, Spanish – Proficient


PyWebIl – Python & Django meetup
Piano, Tennis, PingPong Player